Telltale Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Repair

A good braking system could make all the difference in preventing accidents when on the road. The brakes on your vehicle should be upgraded if you value safety. Having no confidence in your car’s brake functionality is the last thing you want creeping into the back of your mind. Brake pads have a limited lifespan because they are susceptible to wear and tear. They degrade with use and therefore, it’s critical to have them checked frequently to keep an eye on their state.

Normally, brake repairs due to excessive use would sneak up on you. However, when owning supercars such as a Lamborghini, Mclaren, Bentley, Maserati, or a Ferrari, you may be able to spot warning signs hinting at a brake problem before it can even become apparent. That said, what are these warning signs that we can keep a lookout for? Your automobile knows itself best and it will alert you if there is a brake problem. Should you see any of these warning signs, it would mean that your brakes are due for an appointment to get some repairs done.

Brake Light Is Switched On In The Dashboard

When the brake light illuminates your dashboard, it indicates that your car needs servicing. The light will be switched on, warning you that it needs to be inspected. In addition, your vehicle may be low on brake fluid which you can check by taking a look at its fluid level, but it may be advisable to have a professional inspect it instead. If you spot oil leaking from the car onto the ground, it’s best not to drive it and have it towed to the mechanics. Your warranty may cover the inspection of your car, so you should check with your local auto shop or dealership.

A Soft or Squishy Brake Pedal

Softness or squishiness while pressing the brake pedal could be caused by air in the brake lines, a faulty master cylinder, or a leak in the brake system. All of the above issues can significantly impact your ability to get the car to brake. In the case of air in the brake lines, you can solve this by flushing or replacing the brake fluid. Excessive moisture can also cause soft brakes, so professionals must bleed the brakes and use fluid to drive air out of the system. Should excess moisture accumulate in your brake lines, it could lead to your brake fluid boiling.

Noises When You Apply The Brake Pedal

When you engage the brakes, pay attention to the noises they make. You may hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing noises when you step on the brakes. Should this happen, there is a problem with your callipers, rotors, or brake pads. You may hear grinding noises from your vehicle due to worn-out brake pads or if there’s something caught in your callipers. If you hear high-pitched squeaking or squealing while driving, this is another sign that you need to have your brake pads changed.

You Feel Vibrations While Driving

Another sign of brake problems is continuous vibrations in the steering wheel while driving. While mild shakings do happen from time to time, the steering wheel should not be constantly doing so, especially if you feel it getting worse. If it continually vibrates while you drive, your vehicle’s brake rotors might be warped or uneven. The brake pads on your disc brake can wear unevenly if the rotor is thinner in some spots than others. This makes your brakes feel like they are pulsing causing them to perform less efficiently.

You Smell a Burning Odour

It would be best to pull over immediately when you smell something strange while driving, especially when it smells like burning. Brake pads can overheat when engaged for long periods. Using the brakes excessively or aggressively can cause overheating. When brake pads and rotors rub together, it creates a large amount of heat which causes a burning smell. It is important to let the brake pad cool down if it is smoking. The best thing to do is to get it towed and schedule an appointment for the brake pads to be replaced by a professional mechanic.

There’s a tendency to put off tasks like brake servicing and oil changes, even if your car needs routine maintenance. Your car’s brakes must be in good condition to ensure your safety on the road. If you notice any of the aforementioned warnings, don’t put off brake maintenance any longer. Instead, take your car to a professional auto repair shop for immediate servicing.

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